Eugene City Councilor Ward 8

Important Issues Facing Ward 8 and Eugene

JH BAXTER - Industrial dioxin contamination is impacting the health of area residents and the value of their property

BETHEL AREA HEALTH OVERLAY ZONE - Creation of a public Health Overlay Zone to place a buffer between heavy industry and residential neighborhoods, parks and schools

HOMELESSNESS - Employ realistic and effective solutions focused on outcomes to address homelessness

COMMUNITY SAFETY - Employ community safety strategies that promote accountability and safety for all while strategically evolving our service system to better align resources with service needs

LOCAL ECONOMY and JOBS - Support existing businesses and workers while seeking to attract new businesses, clean industry and living wage jobs

YOUTH - Support youth, our educational system and prepare the next generation for success with a special emphasis on at risk youth

HOUSING - Increase our inventory and diversity of housing, with an emphasis on affordability, while working to maintain livability

NEIGHBORHOODS - Promote strong neighborhoods and strengthening neighborhood associations

PARTNERSHIPS - Build strong partnerships within our community and with our regional partners

ENVIRONMENT and CLIMATE - Continue our work on environmental protection and slowing climate change while employing realistic, achievable and balanced strategies

ACCOUNTABLE GOVERNMENT - Promote efficient, effective and accountable government and preserve the infrastructure what we already have

DOWNTOWN - Continue to clean-up and revitalize our downtown while addressing safety concerns