Eugene City Councilor Ward 8


“Randy has proven he'll support business and our economy while fighting for working families. As a former firefighter, fire chief, union leader, city Budget Committee member and current city councilor, he has served our community for over 40-years. I'm thrilled to support him for re-election to our City Council."

(Congresswoman Val Hoyle)

"Great candidates for elected service can be hard to find. Especially those with the track record, experience and commitment Randy has. Rosie and I are grateful Randy is running and he has our support.”

(Chris Pryor - former City Councilor, Ward 8)

"Randy's unique experience and skills will be critical as we cooperate to tackle issues like housing, public health, safety, and climate change."

(Heather Buch - Commissioner Lane County)

“Our profession provides opportunity to see the best and worst society has to offer, that experience will fuel Randy Groves’ compassionate and creative approach to his new role in city hall. Your Firefighters are all in for Randy Groves, Candidate for City of Eugene, Ward 8.”

(Mike Caven - former President, Lane Professional Firefighters, IAFF Local 851)

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Congresswoman Val Hoyle

Senator James Manning

Greg Evans - Eugene City Councilor

Alan Zelenka - Eugene City Councilor

Mike Clark - Eugene City Councilor

Matt Keating - Eugene City Councilor

Heather Buch - Lane County Commissioner

Pat Farr - Lane County Commissioner

Lin Woodrich - Co-Chair, Active Bethel Community (ABC) Neighborhood Association

Steve Schilling - Board Member, Churchill Area Neighborhood (CAN) Association

Ted Coopman - Chair, Jefferson/Westside Neighborhood Association

Rick Hamilton - Eugene 4j School Board

Jenny Jonak - Eugene 4j School Board

Ashley Espinoza - Bethel School Board (2020)

Linda Hamilton - Lane Education Services District Board

Kevin Alltucker - Lane Community College Board of Directors

Lisa Fragala - Lane Community College Board of Directors

John Barofsky - EWEB Board of Directors

John H. Brown - EWEB Board of Directors and Business Leader

Sonya Carlson - EWEB Board of Directors

Pete Knox - LTD Board Member

Democratic Party of Lane County

Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce

Eugene Realtors Association

Homebuilders Association of Lane County (2020)

Chris Pryor - former Eugene City Councilor, Ward 8

Rosie Pryor - former LCC Board of Education

Alicia Hays - former 4j School Board

Anne Marie Levis - former Eugene 4j School Board

Beth Gerot - former Eugene 4j School Board

Jim Torrey - former Mayor and Eugene 4j School Board

Mary Walston - former Eugene 4j School Board

Craig Smith - former Eugene 4j School Board

Lane Professional Firefighters - IAFF Local 851

Eugene Police Employee Association (EPEA)

United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Unions - Local 555 (2020)

Lane County Central Labor Chapter (2020)

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) - Local 280

Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters (2020)

Sheet Metal, Air Rail and Transportation Workers (SMART) - Local 16 (2020)

United Academics of the University of Oregon (UAUO) (2020)

Sierra Club, Oregon Chapter (2020)

Sierra Club, Many Rivers Group (2020)

Eugene Weekly (2020)

Kris Siewert - President - IAFF, Local 851

Jenny Ulum - Business Leader

Liz Cawood - Business Leader

Grace Serbu - Philanthropist

Tim Duy - Economist (2020)

Megan Schultz - Youth Advocate, Non-Profit CEO

Jean Tate - Business Leader, former Principal Real Estate Broker

Chief Dennis Murphy (Retired) - Springfield Fire, Founder of FireMed

Mid-Valley Ambulance (2020)

Keith and Susan Anderson - Ward 8 Residents

Mike and Bonnie Anderson - Ward 8 Residents

Kim and Jim Arscott - Ward 8 Residents

Barbara Bellamy - Ward 8 Resident

Allen and Caitlin Benavides - Ward 8 Residents

Jeni and Jeff Donaca - Ward 8 Residents

Cathy and Dale Fitzsimmons - Ward 8 Residents

Mary and Rodger Kuhl - Ward 8 Residents

Gary and Joan Martin - Ward 8 Residents

Jake and Kelly Pelroy - Ward 8 Residents

Chris and Rosie Pryor - Ward 8 Residents

Steve Schilling - Ward 8 Resident

Clay and Collette Skurdal - Ward 8 Residents

Craig and Mary Smith - Ward 8 Residents

Darren and Lucinda Sparks - Ward 8 Residents

Karen Thomet - Ward 8 Resident

Chris Yorgus - Ward 8 Resident

Tom Weiskind - Ward 8 Resident

Katie Wilgus - Ward 8 Resident

Lin Woodrich - Ward 8 Resident

Russ and Nicole Bernardo

Carlo and Richelle Brigola

Peter and Kirsten Gram

Karen Olsen

Mike McFarlane

Holly and Tim Powell

Joe Richter

Steve Swenson

Bill and Pam Townsend

Richie Weinman

Warren G. Wong